How Banks Can Implement Socially Responsible Investing

socially responsible investing

What is socially responsible investing, and how can banks help implement it? When it comes to socially responsible investing, no other group has seemingly captured more of the spotlight than financial institutions. This is due to the influence that banks have in the global landscape, not only providing investment but also financing the very deals […]

What Is Green Finance and How Is It Changing the Financial Industry? 

green investing

Green finance is a rapidly evolving area of finance that seeks to incorporate environmental and social considerations into investment decisions. While climate change continues to be debated, the financial industry has begun a transformation to incorporate environmental and climate changes into financial decisions. Green finance represents money issued or raised in the equity or debt […]

What is Climate Fintech and Why Is It Important?

Climate Fintech

What is Climate Fintech? Climate fintech refers to the use of financial technology (fintech) to address and adapt to climate change. This can include a range of technologies, such as digital platforms, applications, and services, that facilitate the understanding and financing of climate-related projects, such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, and carbon offsetting. Climate fintech […]