Chris Peacock

Chris Peacock is an innovative three-time entrepreneur known for his extensive experience in Climate, Water, Data, and SaaS ecosystems as well as his leadership skills. Passionate about building a world that can adapt and become resilient to climate change, he relies on his two decades of experience in the industry to his advantage. Since 2000, he has been on a mission to prioritize sustainability and help others do the same.

Chris is the founder and CEO of Agcor. Agcor’s software platform was developed in 2016 to provide climate data, analytics and insights for the agricultural economy. Chris helps financial organizations working in this arena reduce their financial risk.

His desire to create a climate-resilient future inspired him to start Agcor, combining his vast experience working in climate related industries as a software leader and entrepreneur. He uses that knowledge to his advantage to support the agricultural economy like never before.

As Agcor’s founder, Chris has worked feverishly with his team of experts to develop practical tools that continue to help the agricultural economy quickly and easily identify, understand, and monitor any weather-related risks while mitigating those risks to prevent future problems. The company has since evolved, adding to its list of offerings by serving lenders, investors, and farmers with the latest in climate analytics, collateral management, and marketing tools.

chris peacock
chris peacock

Agcor is an alum of the Techstars Sustainability Accelerator, in partnership with the Nature Conservancy, that works with and recognizes entrepreneurs on a quest to develop tech-related solutions that can bolster the economy and provide resolutions to pressing climate-related concerns. Having participated in the mentorship-based program, Agcor received the support needed to further its sustainability mission and experience growth. The organization has also participated in the gener8tor Ag Tech Acclerator, Valley Ventures Accelerator and impactVC Accelerator. They were also selected as a finalist in the Radicle Growth Corteva Challenge and was a winner in the OpenIDEO Water Challenge.

Before founding Agcor, Chris Peacock launched the Water Innovation Project to help alter the perspective of water using collaborative techniques and innovative ideas, which included a water-energy nexus hackathon, building a water leaders community, and a forum for smart water professionals. He also served as the Vice President of Client Success and Strategic Accounts for FATHOM, one of the first SaaS companies to innovate smart water solutions for the water utility sector.

Over the past 20 years, Chris has garnered a positive reputation as a thought leader in Smart Water and Climate Fintech who identifies trends and takes on new opportunities to help strengthen businesses and facilitate growth. He believes in the value of providing excellent customer service and helping build a distinctive and authentic corporate culture that leads to substantial growth and evolution.

Chris Peacock has a passion for water sustainability that goes unmatched. Wanting to share his innovative concepts with the rest of the world, he launched an award-winning book anthology, Damned If We Don’t, in 2014. The book includes carefully thought-out ideas focusing on the critical steps needed to accelerate water change that positively impacts the environment. In addition to his book release, he’s had the opportunity to participate in presentations and discussions on Smart Water, Leadership, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and more.

When he’s not busy working, Chris looks forward to connecting with individuals who are just as serious about building a climate-resilient future that would allow humans to thrive and survive despite climate change. With specialties in numerous fields, such as Fundraising, Operational Leadership, Water Innovation, Client Success and Business Development, he’s excited to share practical tips and actionable advice with those looking to follow in his footsteps by starting businesses that can push sustainability to the forefront.